Stop the Silence, Prevent the Violence. Introduction

Since 1987 the Best Friends model has been implemented in over 150 schools in Washington, DC and across the nation. Our staff has taken great pride in the fact that research on the Best Friends/Best Men program has demonstrated significant reduction in risk behavior and increased positive peer relationships. However, we are alarmed at the recent resurgence in sexually transmitted diseases*, drug use*, and relationship violence* among pre-teens and teens.

It is estimated that almost 30% of youth in the United States are involved in bullying and abuse as either a perpetrator or a target. In addition, one out of every ten high school students has been a victim of relationship violence.

  Adolescents involved in violence and abuse tend to get in trouble more often and do more poorly in school than youth who do not experience such behavior. They are also more likely to fight, drink, use drugs, and smoke than their peers. In response to the current issue of adolescent violence and abusive behavior, the Best Friends Foundation has developed the Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention Seminar: Stop the Silence. Prevent the Violence. If you have any questions regarding the Best Friends Foundation or our seminar Stop the Silence. Prevent the Violence. please contact me at for more information. With best wishes for the best future for our youth, Elayne Bennett President and Founder
Love this program. The students need this. Please continue to do what you do. HS teacher
This was an enlightening seminar. HS student
Great Production! HS Student
Thank you for the awesome opportunity provided to our students. MS Teacher
    *Increase of 15% in syphilis alone since 2014 **Heroin overdose has quadrupled since 2003 *** Dating violence has increased from 20 to 24 percent

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Stop the Silence

Stop the Silence, Prevent the Violence

Bullying and relationship violence are real threats to students. By educating middle and high schoolers, we are able to prevent this type of violence from touching their lives in the future. We promote positive decision making, risk avoidance, and character education through interactive discussions, videos, and music. This is how we do it.

SSPV Evaluation Results

SSPV Evaluation Results

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SSPV Evaluation Highlights

SSPV Evaluation Highlights

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