The Best Friends Foundation strives to provide a nationwide network of programs dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of adolescents.

BFF provides scientifically researched, evidence-based and developmentally sound curricula designed for grades fifth through twelfth grade. The Foundation promotes self-respect through the practice of self-control and provides participants the skills, guidance and support to reject bullying, relationship violence, and drug and alcohol abuse. In addition, for those schools which choose this component, there is a curriculum which helps students communicate to others that their choice is not to have sex. In the spirit of true friendship, the Best Friends Foundation provides positive peer groups for adolescents and creates an environment that raises aspirations and promotes achievement.  

About BFF

One of the easiest ways to get through adolescence is with a best friend by your side. 6,000 students, in 100 schools in 26 school districts have learned through our program that The Best Friend to have by your side is one who helps you to be a better person; who helps you gain self respect through building self control. This is how we do it.

Stop the Silence, Prevent the Violence

Bullying and relationship violence are real threats to students. By educating middle and high schoolers, we are able to prevent this type of violence from touching their lives in the future. We promote positive decision making, risk avoidance, and character education through interactive discussions, videos, and music.

“LifeZette” OpEd The Violence in our Schools Must Stop

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Daughters in Danger

Listen Up!

An original Best Friends song, “It’s Not Cool To Be Mean”, by Music Director Lori Williams. Something fun and educational to share with your children or students while at home. Let us know if they like it. More to come!

Drug Free Me

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