The Best Friends Foundation strives to provide a nationwide network of programs dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of adolescents.

BFF provides scientifically researched, evidence-based, and developmentally sound curricula designed for grades fifth through twelfth grade. 6,000 students, in 100 schools in 26 school districts, have learned through our program that the Best Friend to have by your side is one who helps you to be a better person; who helps you gain self-respect through building self-control.

The Foundation promotes self-respect through the practice of self-control and provides participants the skills, guidance, and support to reject bullying, relationship violence, and drug and alcohol abuse. In the spirit of true friendship, the Best Friends Foundation provides positive peer groups for adolescents and creates an environment that raises aspirations and promotes achievement.  
Elementary and Middle Schoolers,
Please Watch This Video:

Its Not Cool to Be Mean Dance Instruction

Watch Fitness Director and Choreographer Ms. Rita Burns and BFF Instructor and Performer Rosalynd Harris, teach you how to dance to the BFF original song “It’s Not Cool To Be Mean.” Students, create a cell phone video of you dancing to the chant Don’t be a bully, don’t do it (4x) and add the chorus It’s not cool to be mean If you know what I mean It’s not cool to be mean If you know what I mean No intimidation No domination Stop the violence across the nation, then send it to us with your first name and last initial, your grade, and your school at Bffseminar@gmail.com and we may post your performance on the website. If you get two other kids from your school to send in a cell phone video we will send $100 to your school in your honor.
(continued) You can choose to have a pizza party for your class or buy something for the classroom that your teacher approves. You will also receive a certificate from BFF that you participated in our “Kindness is Cooler” project. *If school is not reinstated this school year, after your cell phone video is posted, ask your mother or father to provide your mailing address to our secure BFF email Bffseminar@gmail.com. We will send a $30 VISA card to you and for each friend who participates, which you can keep for yourself or share with your friends.
Hey students, What are you doing during COVID-19 to help others? Can you do anything at home while you are socially distant?

YES! Take a look below:

Meet Gia B.7th Grade

Parkside Middle School

Daughters in Danger


See some students at Perry Street Prep dance to an original Best Friends song “Its Not Cool To Be Mean” written and vocalized by Music Director Lori Williams. Something fun and educational to share with your children or students while at home. Let us know if they like it. More to come!