The Best Friends Foundation strives to provide a network of programs dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of adolescents.

BFF provides scientifically researched, evidence-based, and developmentally sound curricula designed for kindergarten through twelfth grade. In the past, thousands of students in over 100 schools in 24 school districts have learned through our program the spirit of true friendship. The Foundation promotes self-respect through the practice of self-control and provides participants the skills, guidance, and support to reject bullying, relationship violence, and drug and alcohol abuse. The Best Friends Foundation provides positive peer groups for adolescents and creates an environment that raises aspirations and promotes achievement. 2022 was a banner year for BFF. Please Click Here for a snapshot of our success.

Make Music not Madness

Positive music and positive choices.

Peace is the Word
Learning to Cool Down
Best Friends

Our Students Tell Us…

“I enjoyed the workshop because I heard ways that I could do to calm myself down in stressful situations.” (Vera) “The workshop was not only informative but fun and interactive.” (Anis) “It was very structured and well put together. It was entertaining.” (Kirubel) “I think that this workshop helps me a lot…to calm my anger or not feel bad when I am thinking negative. It is an excellent workshop because so many young people need to learn this too.” (Raul) “It taught me a lot of ways to think happy thoughts to keep your head up during bad times.” (Samory) “I learned how to turn a negative into a positive.” (Daisjah) “Your workshop gave out very useful advice that I will always use throughout my life to get me through tough times like now.” (Adam)

Our Teachers Tell Us…

“The students that attended were engaged, which is great.” (9th Grade Teacher, Roosevelt HS) “It was informative and relatable for our students.” (School Counselor, Roosevelt HS) “The workshop was positive, informative, engaging and fun!” (School Counselor, Roosevelt HS) “I was able to gain some insight from students. This information will help to shape how we deliver instruction in the future.” (World History Teacher, Roosevelt HS) “The workshop rated a #1 (BEST) on my scale! It was educational, engaging, exciting, and timed just perfectly! “Bravo” once again.” (College and Career Coordinator, Roosevelt HS)

Daughters in Danger

"It's not Cool to be Mean"