Our Mission

Our Mission

The Best Friends Foundation strives to provide a nationwide network of programs that is dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of adolescents. It provides scientifically researched and developmentally sound curriculum designed for middle and high school students. The Foundation promotes self-respect through self-control and provides participants the guidance to avoid risky behaviors which can destroy their goals and dreams. In the spirit of true friendship, the Best Friends Foundation provides positive peer groups for adolescents and creates an environment that raises aspirations and promotes achievement.

Five Basic BFF Goals:

  1. To develop critical thinking skills in adolescents to enable them to progress from the concrete to the operational stage of reasoning in which they can anticipate consequences and make sound decisions.
  2. To develop a sense of self-respect and self-worth through achievement within the community and through their own self-control;
  3. To enrich the lives of adolescents by promoting their aspirations and providing decision-making skills;
  4. To incorporate the school, families, role models and teacher mentors into the adolescent support system; and
  5. To provide educational assemblies and seminars of Kindness is Cooler for Pk – 12 grade students which promote a sense of connection to the school and to each other.

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Daughters in Danger

K-8 BFF - Anti-Bullying Program

See some students at Perry Street Prep dance to an original Best Friends song “Its Not Cool To Be Mean” written and vocalized by Music Director Lori Williams. It is something fun and educational to share with your children or students while at home. Let us know if they like it. More to come!