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E.D.III, Graduate of McKinley Technology High School, now attending Delaware State University

The Best Men Leadership program has had a major impact on my life. It has nurtured my character so I can become the man, leader and person that I am destined to be. To be a Best Man requires dignity, empower-ment, support, communication and accountability. Today’s generation lacks mentors, positive role models, and most important love. I am grateful that I have received the opportunity to receive all that. Best Men has helped me make great friends, serve my community, say no to drugs and alcohol and risky behavior. It has also taught me the values of marriage, proper etiquette and the traits of a leader. All the many things that I have learned are not only valuable to me but also my family, friends and community. Best Men gives us the power and courage to change lives all over the world. I am honored and proud to say I am a Best Man.

C.H., Graduate of McKinley Technology High School, now attending Virginia Commonwealth University

Best Men is self explanatory, think about it. Best – which is to do great, or be great. A man – which is to be responsible, take care of yourself and your family. So when you’re called a Best Man then you’re better than an ordinary man. You’re striving to be the best you can be. To be a Best Man you must demonstrate strong qualities. Best Men has taught me that it is possible to be strong but soft hearted and compassionate, and always participate and give back to my family and community. That’s what Best Men means to me!

N.C.K., Graduate of McKinley Technology High School, now attending St. Augustine’s College, Raleigh, NC

I am happy to be a Best Man, because it has helped me stay focused during my high school career. It has given me something positive to do on the weekends to have fun hanging out with my friends. I have learned a lot. From Mr. Carter and Mr. Kistler I have learned about the importance of healthy relations with my peers, the benefits of marriage and most importantly how to grow as a man and be a leader. Best Men means a lot to me and something I take great pride in. Best Men is an outstanding leadership program for young men. In conclusion, I would like to say long live Best Men and the people who keep it going.

B.M., Senior, McKinley Technology High School

Best Men means three thing to me. One is responsibility, two is courage and three is showing effort. To be responsible is to be on time, to be prepared and to have your priorities in place. To have courage is not to be afraid of getting involved with positive clubs and don’t be afraid to have positive friends. To show effort is to do the best you can in everything you do! That’s what being a Best Man means to me!

H.M., Jr., Graduate of McKinley Technology High School now attending Bowie State University

I play football and hope to continue playing in college. Best Men has helped me get mentally ready for college and has given me the tools to succeed in life. I have been presented with a variety of tough scenarios that I am likely to be faced with in the near future. How will I handle the pressure of a girlfriend asking me to have sex when I’m not ready? Which people I meet are really friends or merely people who act as friends? Best Men has helped me address these issues and given me the tools to make informed and positive decisions.

J.M., Graduate of McKinley Technology High School now attending Boston College – Washington, DC campus

I want to have a caring and trustworthy wife and eventually a nice family. As long as she and I can help make each other better, that’s all I could ask for. She must be down to earth, caring, up front, and reliable. She has to be the epitome of what a Diamond Girl is and embody those standards.

Y.T., Graduate of Wilson Senior High School now attending South Carolina State

Best Men is not a set of rules, number of directives or series of steps. Best Men shows you the path that is comfortable for you. It is a program that deals with reality, freedom and choice. Best Men gives you a bird’s eye view of life and how to deal with different positive and negative situations such as risky behavior, peer-pressure, alcohol and drug abuse. Best Men has given me the tools to be a leader and succeed in the real world.

C.H., Graduate of McKinley Technology High School, now attending Howard University

Best Friends means to me another family I have gained. A program that does not have cliques and has just one giant group of friends who treats everyone like brothers and sisters.

J.C., Graduate of McKinley Technology High School, now attending North Carolina A & T

This Foundation has also served as a second family to me. There has always been someone there to talk to when I feel like I don’t have anyone to turn to. The adults never cease to show their support in not only our academics but also in the personal aspect of our lives. They encourage us to keep reaching up and never quitting even when we do reach the top.

D.A., Graduate of McKinley Technology High School, now attending Montgomery Community College

The Best Friends Foundation means so much to me. I never took the word “Commitment” seriously until I became a member of Best Men Leadership. This program has helped me to grow and mature. Being a part of the program has helped me to understand so many things about myself I never knew and pushed me to my fullest potential.