Best Men Student Essays

Best Men Student Essays

Best Friends/Best Men means exactly what it states. The name isn’t a cheesy way to grab attention but it states exactly what they are about. When someone asks you to describe what you think a best friend should be, what are some descriptions that come to mind? One is honest, another is supportive, and one more is positive. Now, this list can go on, but it would not be necessary for a list to understand that Best Friends fits all of those descriptions. When you are a member of Best Friends, you are showing the world what you stand for and what you support. You are staying true and honest to not only those around you but also to yourself. This Foundation has also served as a second family to me. There has always been someone there to talk to when I feel like I don’t have anyone to turn to. The adults never cease to show their support in not only our academics but also in the personal aspect of our lives. They encourage us to keep reaching up and never quitting even when we do reach the top. My experiences in Best Friends/Best Men are those that will never be forgotten because of the place they occupy in my heart and mind. They will also be unforgettable because I have shared them with some of my closest friends who are fellow Best Friends/Best Men members. The relationships I have developed and built with people in the Foundation will be relationships which I hope will not be weakened by time. I will always stay connected to the Best Friends Foundation. Jamal Childs, McKinley Technology High School, Washington, DC

The Best Friends Foundation means so much to me. I never took the word “Commitment” seriously until I became a member of Best Men Leadership. This program has helped me to grow and mature. Being a part of the program has helped me to understand so many things about myself I never knew and it has pushed me to my fullest potential. The Best Friends Foundation has taught me how to be a true friend, stronger person, dedicated, and dependable. The most important asset that they have shown me is how to become a leader.

I have learned a great deal in the past three years, and I have come to know that the morals and ethics of society must not become extinct for the benefit of all of us. It is up to us to keep the principles alive. I have devoted my time and love to the Foundation and I hope that I can teach the next generation the leadership and organization abilities that the Foundation has instilled in me. I am a very confident young man. I hope to always be a leader, thanks to the Best Friends Foundation. DeAngelo Anderson, McKinley Technology High School, Washington, DC

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Best Men defines a man as having strength and courage balanced with stability and as one who exhibits foresight and believes in truth and justice.