Best Men Leadership

Best Men Leadership

Our Best Men “boys” are now “young men” who have a short time to prepare for the rest of their lives as they navigate life’s challenges in high school. This can be a memorable time of positive change, if they continue to grow physically, intellectually and socially.

The Best Men Leadership program believes that there is a solid and simple formula to becoming a “man” who will have a successful life in our society.

What is leadership?
One meaning for the word “leader”, as defined by Webster’s dictionary is: “a person who has commanding authority or influence.”

Honor! Integrity! Power! Knowledge! Respect! These are values that been instilled in us by Best Men Leadership. Do not relapse do not go back! We have knowledge. Knowledge is power and it shall protect us.”

C.H. McKinley Technology High School

We want our Best Men Leadership men to project that type of confidence. We want them to believe that they are citizens of the world who understand that standing by a simple set of positive values will allow them to learn and achieve success.

Our goals and objectives are as follows:

  • To continue to develop the sound character traits of the “respected man” as represented by the Best Men coat of arms.
  • To support Best Men Leadership members in continuing to practice risk avoidance from drugs, alcohol, sex and negative behavior while focusing on positive achievement.
  • To continue and to expand upon the discussion topics that are relevant to our Best Men Leadership participants.
  • To present, in depth, a variety of career and academic options to our Leadership.
  • To present role model speakers who exemplify the character traits valued by Best Men Leadership.
  • To experience a variety of cultural events in the arts, music, theatre and athletics to further expand the social horizons for Best Men Leadership.
  • To participate in community service projects that bring relevance to the term “giving back.”

We believe that today’s young men are seeking positive challenges and have the energy and the will to make good things happen for themselves and those around them. Striving for excellence is an admirable quality. Best Men Leadership is committed to that effort.

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Best Men

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Best Men defines a man as having strength and courage balanced with stability and as one who exhibits foresight and believes in truth and justice.

Best Men Leadership Creed

Best Men Leadership Creed

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